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本文摘要:Standing in line for the latest iPhone at the Apple store, queueing for tickets to Wimbledon or even just waiting at the post office might just have got a lot easier.无论你是要排队供不应求新出的苹果手机还是卖温网比赛的门票,或是在邮局等候,现在显然,这一切都会那么虐待人了。


Standing in line for the latest iPhone at the Apple store, queueing for tickets to Wimbledon or even just waiting at the post office might just have got a lot easier.无论你是要排队供不应求新出的苹果手机还是卖温网比赛的门票,或是在邮局等候,现在显然,这一切都会那么虐待人了。Japanese car-maker Nissan claims to have just the thing to relieve the sore legs of weary queuers.日本的汽车制造商日产公司声称他们的神器将让疲惫的排队者免遭双腿酸痛之厌。The new system of self-driving chairs is designed to detect when someone at the front of the queue is summoned, and automatically move everyone else one step forward in line.当排在队伍前面的人从前到号离开了时,这款“自动行经”座椅的新系统不会立刻检测到并自动把每个人的座椅向前移动一个方位。The new invention is shown off in a company video, which re-enacts a busy restaurant with patrons waiting outside.公司公布的一段视频展出了这新发明者,这段视频重现了一家做生意挤迫的餐厅外顾客们等候的场景。


In the video, diners are sitting in a row of chairs, but will not have to stand when the next hungry diner is called to a table.在视频中,等候用餐的顾客们躺在一排椅子上。即使下一个饥肠辘辘的顾客从前到号,他们也需要车站一起向前挪位子。Instead, the chairs, equipped with autonomous technology that detects the seat ahead, glide along a path toward the front of the line.这种配有了自控技术的椅子可以检测到前方的椅子,并按轨道往前挪动一位。


When the person at the front of the queue is summoned, the empty chair at the front can sense it is empty and so moves out of pole position.一旦分列在队伍前面的人从前到号离开了座位,他的椅子感官到无人就坐后不会自行离开了队伍。Cameras on the remaining chairs then sense the movement and follow automatically.其他椅子上的摄像头不会感官到运动并自律追踪。

The system, which is similar to the kind used in Nissans autonomous vehicle technology, will be tested at select restaurants in Japan this year, Nissan said.日产公司回应,这新系统和用在日产汽车上的自律驾驶员系统类似于,今年公司将不会在日本自由选择一些餐馆展开测试。(It) appeals to anyone who has queued for hours outside a crowded restaurant: it eliminates the tedium and physical strain of standing in line, it added.它还补足道:“对于要在人气疯狂的餐馆外等候好几个小时的消费者来说,这项发明者充满著了吸引力:人们可以和幸车站排队的无趣和身体酸痛说道妳了。”Although Tokyo has some 160,000 restaurants, long queues are not uncommon.尽管东京享有多达16万家的餐厅,但餐厅外面排长队的情景仍然随处可见。Chosen restaurants that fill the logistic criteria will be able to showcase the chairs at their venue in 2017.2017年,超过后勤标准的被顺位的餐厅将能在门外展出“自动排队椅”。


Nissan also released a short clip showing the chairs being used in an art gallery, moving slowly in front of the various paintings to let viewers appreciate the art without the need to stand up.日产公司还公布了一个短片,展出这种椅子被用作画廊中的场景。短片中椅子在一幅又一幅画作前较慢移动,参观者需要车站一起就可以喜爱艺术。






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