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本文摘要:Google Glass fetched $1,500 when it was sold during a one-day promotion last month, but according to one research firm, the devices hardware and manufacturing costs totaled just $152.47.上月,谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)曾限时一天公开发表发售,售价高达1500美元。

Google Glass fetched $1,500 when it was sold during a one-day promotion last month, but according to one research firm, the devices hardware and manufacturing costs totaled just $152.47.上月,谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)曾限时一天公开发表发售,售价高达1500美元。然而,据一家调研公司称之为,这款产品的硬件和生产成本总额仅有为152.47美元。Research firm IHS Technology on Tuesday estimated the materials for Google Inc.s (GOOG) eyewear cost just $132.47, while manufacturing costs were estimated to total about $20. Smart glass products like Google Glass are wearable computers with a head-mounted display.本周二,调研公司IHS Technology估算称之为,谷歌眼镜的材料成本仅有132.47美元,而总的生产成本大约20美元。

谷歌眼镜这样的智能眼镜产品只不过是具有头戴式显示器的可穿着计算机。Though those estimates suggest Google Glass commands a roughly 90% profit margin, IHS cautions that is likely not the case.上述估计指出,谷歌眼镜的利润率有可能低约将近90%。不过,IHS警告称之为,实际情况有可能并非如此。The vast majority of its cost is tied up in non-material costs that include non-recurring engineering expenses, extensive software and platform development, as well as tooling costs and other upfront outlays, said IHS senior director Andrew Rassweiler.IHS高级总监安德鲁o拉斯维勒说道:“(这款该产品)的大部分成本所谓材料成本,还包括非经常性工程费用、大量的软件和平台研发,以及刀具加工成本和其他前期费用。

”Rassweiler said the Google Glass IHS evaluated feels like a prototype, saying if the company were to aim for mass market production, future product revisions would likely improve processing speed, energy efficiency, weight, and size.拉斯维勒称之为,IHS评估的谷歌眼镜“感觉看起来原型机”。拉斯维勒回应,如果谷歌眼镜要射击大众市场,新版产品有可能在处理速度、能源效率、重量和尺寸方面有所改进。In an e-mailed statement, Google spokesman Chris Dale said the firms estimated cost of Glass was wildly off.谷歌发言人克里斯o戴尔在一份电子邮件声明中回应,IHS公司估计的谷歌眼镜成本“过于离谱”。

Glass costs significantly more to produce, Dale said.戴尔说道:“谷歌的生产成本(比IHS估计的)要低得多。”Google Glass went on sale for one day last month, and promptly sold out. IHS last monthestimated the total market for so-called smart glasses could total almost 10 million units from 2012 to 2016, with shipments expected to reach as high as 6.6 million units in 2016. To reach that target, IHS said developers would need to successfully produce augmented reality applications that would justify user interest in smart glasses.谷歌眼镜上个月曾限时一天公开发表发售,并迅速销售一空。


IHS上月估计称之为,从2012年到2016年,所谓的智能眼镜的市场总体量有可能超过近1000万台,出货量未来将会在2016年超过660万台之多。IHS回应,为了超过这个目标,开发人员将必须顺利地生产增强现实应用于,因为这才是用户对智能眼镜感兴趣的原因所在。However, under a more pessimistic scenario, IHS said smart glass shipments could total just 1 million through 2016. That bearish scenario would likely play out if smart glasses became more of a wearable camera than a true augmented reality system, according to IHS.然而,在较乐观的情况下,IHS回应,智能眼镜总出货量到2016年有可能不能超过100万部。







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